Time to switch: Register online 


Over 96% of our members now register their works online, and with a New Year and a new brand, PRS for Music is encouraging the final few to switch from paper to online registration.

Since summer 2008, we’ve been working with you to improve the Online Registration process, to make it even easier:   fewer fields to fill in, easier search facilities and automatic acknowledgements.  Most works registrations should take five minutes or less! What’s more, by using less paper, you are doing your bit for the environment.

We have been contacting members who have yet to use this technology, to encourage them to switch.  An email campaign is helping, and where members use paper for all their works, we have met them to show how easy it is.

If you don’t yet have an online account, please register now.  Once complete, you can get on with registering your music.

If you have any other question regarding electronic registration, please contact Member Services on the following numbers:

Publisher Service Team 0207 306 4848

Writer Service Team 0207 306 4801

If you have tried to register your works online previously and have experienced difficulties please email Steve, who is managing the transition from paper to electronic registration. steve.middleton@prsformusic.com  

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