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Joining Us FAQs
Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership 

Why should you join PRS?

If you are performing your own songs or compositions publicly, you should be being rewarded for these performances and PRS can help you make sure that this happens. However, this is not all PRS can do for you.

Royalty collection

  • Fast and efficient collection and payment of your UK and international royalties
  • Quarterly royalty payments
  • Fully detailed and easily understood statements, delivered directly to your inbox
  • Accurate radio and television analysis, royalties are attributed to actual performances
  • A log-in to manage your membership and music portfolio online (online works registration, easy access to our database and matching of unpaid performances)
  • Direct access to broadcaster logs ensures accurate payments for radio and TV usage, using the latest tracking technologies to identify other usage
  • International network of society agreements enables royalties to be collected for the use of your works in around 100 countries worldwide
  • A dedicated team monitors overseas performances and international income to ensure timely, accurate and complete royalty payments
  • We are at the forefront of licensing new platforms in Europe - online, podcasts, ringtones, mobile TV

Great services

Regular communications

  • Our quarterly magazine mailed to all members - view M Magazine online
  • Regular monthly updates by email
  • Our work with UK and EU governments to improve the rights of creators
  • Regular member workshops and networking sessions

How it works

PRS for Music is the trading name for the Performing Right Society (PRS) and the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS). PRS licenses and collects royalties when music is played and performed. MCPS licences and collects royalties when music is reproduced. Both societies work together efficiently to minimise operating costs for members.

To make sure that members have a consistent experience, PRS and MCPS publish rules governing how we work. These include


Both PRS and MCPS are membership organisations. Learn more about our formal constitutions that give us a legal right to licence and collect royalties for our members.

Find out if you need to join

Key documents

Please read these important documents before applying to join PRS, which set out your rights as a member and our admin fees

Additional info

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