PEL2 and PEL1 FAQs 

    PEL2 and PEL1 FAQ

    1. Why has it taken until now for you to administer my online rights?
    It was only in 2009 that PRS for Music signed a significant number of pan European deals for independent publishers. Only once we had these deals in place and meaningful pan-European royalties flowing did it make sense to include your rights in those deals. Please note that your rights have been included in the UK portion of all licences (including for those services that operate on a pan-European basis) and your rights have continued to flow through the standard society network for licensing in other European territories.

    2. I was not a PEL1 signatory, can I still join PEL2 / IMPEL?
    Yes. PEL2 is open to all members of MCPS, but we are prioritising the addition of new members by the amount of digital royalties each publisher has earned over the last few years. Please discuss with your member services representative.

    3. How will I receive my statements?
    The statement format is the same as publishers currently receive.

    • PEL lines will appear with normal distribution lines on PRS statements, but will be individually itemised.
    • Publishers will start to see mechanical lines on PRS statements but they will be clearly marked as mechanicals. (This is because the PEL system is PRS based).
    • Statements will be itemised and broken down by work, territory and service.
    • Monies will be paid into the same accounts listed on the PRS systems and will be paid in sterling.
    • MCPS statements will not include any PEL monies.
    • Publishers can move to electronic statement formats if they wish but CRD4+ is the ONLY electronic statement format available for PEL monies.

    4. Why has synchronisation not been excluded from the IMPEL agency agreement?
    The licences used for online and mobile exploitation exclude synchronization in any event. Therefore, there was no need for IMPEL publishers to grant MCPS synch rights and we have therefore excluded this grant from the IMPEL agency agreement.

    5. What happens if I want to remain on my PEL1?
    MCPS is not in a position to administer your rights on those terms. The only option if you wish to participate in Pan European Licensing, is to participate via PEL2. If you wish to be a part of PEL2, you do not need to do anything. If you do not want to participate in pan European licensing, you must opt out.

    6. What constitutes a European licensing agreement?
    A European licensing agreement is a license which covers more than one of the following territories:

    • The United Kingdom, including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands
    • All states that for the time being are members of the EEA and Switzerland
    • Other states in Europe, including:
      • Albania
      • Andorra
      • Bosnia-Herzegovina
      • Croatia
      • Gibraltar
      • Macedonia
      • Moldova
      • Monaco
      • San Marino
      • Serbia
      • Montenegro

    Please see Schedule 2 of PEL2 for the full definition.

    7. Who are currently signatories to PEL2?
    The current members of IMPEL are:

    • Conexion Music Limited
    • Fairwood Music (UK) Limited
    • Hornall Brothers Music Limited
    • Kassner Associated Publishers Limited
    • The Music Sales Group
    • Proof Songs Limited
    • Red Ink Music Limited
    • Reverb Music Limited
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