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Who can license IMPEL repertoire from PRS for Music?

Any multi-territory digital music service operating in Europe...

a. What is a multi-territory service?

This is a digital service whose activity spans more than one country. The service could be a single service operated by one entity, but also where the service is operated in local versions and/or by local subsidiaries under the auspices of a single entity. General Entertainment, on-demand video, catch-up TV, simulcast or broadcaster-based services are excluded from this definition. However, on-demand video services are included if they are music based. PRS for Music maintains a list of specific multi-territory services requiring a multi-territory licence including iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, Spotify and many others.

b. Who administers the multi-territory licences?

IMPEL, via its nominated agent MCPS, employs PRS for Music as its service provider. IMPEL repertoire is therefore included in the core multi-territory licence offered and administered by ICE Services, the joint venture between PRS for Music, GEMA and STIM.

What is meant by Anglo-American repertoire?

'Anglo-American repertoire' was historically a reference to the nationality of the composer and their local society. However, today's music creators can join any society they like - PRS for Music has many Bollywood songwriters and composers in its membership. Anglo-American, when related to repertoire, now simply means that one of the people who wrote or produced that body of music is a member of one of the societies below:-

  • APRA
  • BMI
  • IMRO
  • PRS
  • or is not a member of any society

The writer's affiliation must be with an Anglo-American society (as listed above), but the works themselves do not have to be English language.

ICE systems are able to handle works where only part of the work falls under this definition and so is able to collect royalties for the Anglo-American share of works that also have non-Anglo-American writers (i.e. BIEM repertoire)

How does this repertoire fit with the existing licences I have from PRS for Music for the UK?

PRS for Music continues to license a wide range of repertoire for exploitation in the UK. The licensing of specific repertoire for Europe can be added to PRS for Music’s existing UK licences, as the pan-European element of the licence has been aligned with existing UK operations.

Once a pan-European licence is in place, additional repertoire will be added to the licensing as more publishers sign up to IMPEL.

How does the operation of the licence work in practice?

ICE processes the reporting and provides licensees with a claim report which includes all the IMPEL works, along with the invoice. PRS for Music has worked with other leading societies to standardise the claim report information.

How are performing rights licensed alongside IMPEL’s mechanical rights for multi-territory online and mobile music services?

PRS for Music matches Anglo-American performing rights with IMPEL’s mechanical rights, so licensees receive the complete rights package in a one stop shop.

What happens to local music services that do not operate on a multi-territory basis?

MCPS has agreements to plug the IMPEL publishers' digital mechanical rights back into the local societies to enable the societies to continue to offer blanket licences for this segment of the market. PRS for Music has also concluded bilateral agreements with other European societies to ensure that the matching performing rights are also available for blanket licensing of national services where scheme consent has been granted. Licensing of local services by the local societies makes sense from both a cost and monitoring perspective.

How does multi-territory licensing comply with the European Commission’s recommendations?

By forming IMPEL and nominating PRS for Music as their service provider, the independent publishers are acting as the Commission suggested. This is also in line with the action that the majors have already taken.

How can I find out more about licensing IMPEL rights?

Learn more about ICE Licensing by visiting icerights.com

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