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MCPS Royalty Payments 

Mechanical-Copyright Protection SocietyMCPS licenses your mechanical (reproduction), distribution, import, and occasionally synchronisation rights and pays the respective royalties to you. The licensing of MCPS rights is handled by PRS for Music.

Find out all you need to know about MCPS royalties by selecting the option you require below. Please also refer to our service standards for post distribution queries.

About your MCPS statement

Need help understanding your MCPS statement?

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First Licence Referral pilot

The First Licence Referral has been reviewed.

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MCPS backclaims

Requirements and how to claim backdated royalties.

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MCPS commission rates

Complete list of MCPS scheme commission rates.

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MCPS Distribution Policy

Read the MCPS distribution policy.

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MCPS distribution principles

What, how and when MCPS makes its distributions.

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MCPS minimum payments

Find out more about MCPS minimum payments.

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MCPS payment schedule

The payment schedule sets out the distribution payments...

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MCPS royalty sources

How we collect money on your behalf.

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MCPS Scotland

If you are a member based in Scotland, and want to find out more about what MCPS can offer you, visit our MCPS Scotland page.

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