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Code of Conduct

We take our role and responsibilities to our members and licensees very seriously.  It is our ambition to set best practice in collecting society management across all areas of our membership and domestic licensing activity.  As part of that commitment we have developed and published a Code of Conduct that encompasses the whole of the business.  It is based on the British Copyright Council’s Principles for Collective Management Organisations’ Codes of Conduct and was published in November 2012 following consultation with members, licence holders, and other stakeholder representatives, including trade bodies and Ombudsman Services.


Our Code of Conduct covers all aspects of PRS for Music membership and areas we license from shops to new online streaming services.  It details what you can expect from our service to you, including what you can expect by way of provision and/or publication of information affecting members and music users individually and generally.  It also explains how we can help each other and what to do if things go wrong.


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PRS for Music held a consultation from 12 September 2012 – 18 October 2012. Members, licence holders, trade bodies, and parliamentary representatives were all invited to comment on the code before it was published.


The summary of responses for this consultation is below;
Summary of consultation responses


Independent Code Review 2014

PRS for Music seeks to set the standard for high quality service and has a code of conduct to reinforce its commitment to standards.  We’ve worked with other UK collective management organisations (CMOs) and the British Copyright Council (BCC) to put in place an Independent Code Review, as part of the self-regulatory process.


The Independent Code Review will ascertain whether or not the British Copyright Council Principles remain fit for purpose and that UK CMO’s respective codes are compliant with the BCC Principles.


If you’d like to learn more about the Independent Code Review and take part, please visit the Independent Code Review website where you can obtain further information.


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