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Do you write your own songs or music? If so, and they are being performed, you can join PRS for Music and start earning money from your music. You do not need to have a signed contract with a music publisher or record company to join. Our membership is open to all composers, songwriters and music publishers.

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Business licensing in Cayman Islands

Purchasing a PRS for Music licence helps you legally use or play music in your business. We are able to help and advice you on using music in your business and help get you the clearances you need, enabling you to access the world's music in the most efficient way.

To purchase a licence please contact caymanislands@prsformusic.com

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About us

about PRS for Music in Cayman Islands

As well as our UK operations PRS for Music is the appointed collection society for The Cayman Islands. We are home to more than 124,000 songwriter, composer and publisher members.

We represent the rights of these members (and the members of 120 affiliated societies in nearly 150 countries around the world) by licensing organisations to play, perform or make available music. We distribute royalties to those members and societies fairly and efficiently.

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