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Music licensing in Bermuda 

If your customers, visitors or employees are listening to copyright music on your premises, you must ensure you hold the necessary permission to do so. This is a legal requirement under the Copyright and Designs Act 2004.

If you play music at your place of business, you can buy a licence from PRS for Music that enables you to play as much copyright music as you like.

Playing music enhances the environment for customers and staff. There are numerous studies which show how playing the right kind of music can improve productivity and increase profits.

What does a Music Licence cover?

A Music Licence permits you to play copyright music for your staff and customers (public performance) This could include:

  • Music on TV channels
  • Radios, CD & MP3 players, digital music systems
  • Music on hold

How much does a Music Licence cost?

The cost of your Music Licence can depend on various factors:

  • The type of premises
  • The size of the premises
  • The nature and extent to which music is used

Our tariffs can be found in the Useful documents section at the top of this page.

Download our general tariff for Bermuda

Download our eating and drinking tariff for Bermuda

Download our hotel and guest accommodation tariff for Bermuda

To get an accurate quote, please call us on 1-877-457-0079 (toll free) or email us at bermuda@prsformusic.com.

Other licences you may need

If you are copying, broadcasting or using music online, you may need to obtain other licences from PRS for Music. Please contact 1-877-457-0079 (toll free) or bermuda@prsformusic.com to discuss.

How music can work for your business

Music helps motivate staff. 65% of businesses say that music in the workplace makes us more productive, and 74% said it improves staff morale. More research.

Buy or renew your licence

Complete and email an application to us at bermuda@prsformusic.com

Download the Eating and drinking establishment application form

Download the Hotel and guest accommodation application form

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