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The Brits abroad win big 

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Tuesday PRS for Music17th February 2009


The Brits abroad win big

An analysis of where UK music is being used shows true reach of BRIT nominees

PRS for Music the organisation that pays songwriters and composers whenever their music is used has analysed the global impact of the ‘Best Male’ and ‘Best Female’ BRIT nominees for 2009.  Using data it collects from TV, radio, film and advert use around the globe the research has shown just how far reaching this year’s nominees are.  

The highlights from around the world are as follows -

Best Female BRIT nominees


Estelle – strong performance across Europe and increased American airplay following Grammy win.  Highlights:

  • Denmark, Poland, Finland, Kazakhstan, Malaysia (MTV, TV & Radio) – ‘American Boy’ and ‘Free’
  • Bermuda (Cable TV- Lick) – ‘1980’
  • Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Lithuania (Radio) - ‘1980’

M.I.A. – growing international performance and reach with film, TV and radio credits.  Highlights:

  • American rapper T.I. sample – ‘Paper Planes’
  • Brazil, Jamaica, Trinidad (radio) – ‘Amazon’
  • Finland (radio) – ‘Bamboo Banger’
  • Japan (radio) – ‘Bird Flu’
  • Contributed to score of Academy Award nominated Slumdog Millionaire


Duffy – rapid increase in international airplay; songs appearing across Europe, Africa and reaching US and South America.  Highlights:

  • Mexico, Scandinavia, Pakistan, Egypt, Russia  (Radio, TV) – ‘Mercy’
  • Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa (radio) - ‘Warwick Avenue’
  • Diet Coke advertisement – expected global exposure
  • Rockefella Biggest selling album 2008


Adele – strong in Europe, Middle East and Africa and some airplay in the Far East. Highlights:

  • Scandinavia  (TV, MTV) – ‘Chasing Pavements’
  • Albanian, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia (Radio) -  ‘Chasing Pavements’
  • US (TV & radio) – ‘Make me feel your love’
  • Some US radio stations banned ‘Chasing Pavement’s due to concerns about its meaning

Beth Rowley – limited international airplay.  Highlights:

  • Japan – (Radio ) Oh My Life
  • Film credit (Edge of Love)

Best Male BRIT nominees


Will Young – strong airplay around Europe and the Far East.  Highlights:

  • Estonia (radio) - ‘Your Game’ 
  • Israeli (radio) – ‘Switch it on’
  • Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong (radio & TV) – ‘All I want’, ‘Your Game’
  • Film credit (Girls in Love)


Streets – significant airplay in Australasia and TV credits. Highlights:

  • Japan, Israel, Bulgaria (radio) – ‘Has It Come To This’
  • South Africa, (TV, Gilmore Girls) – ‘Don't Mug Yourself’
  • Argentina, Australia, Canada, Bermuda, NZ, Tonga (Radio & some TV) – ‘Dry Your Eyes’


Paul Weller – music reaching a global audience through radio, TV and film credits; Style Council songs still performed internationally.  Highlights:

  • Argentina, Brazil, Columbia (Radio & TV) – ‘A Solid Bond In Your Heart’
  • Croatia – (Radio) - ‘Above The Clouds’, ‘All On A Misty Morning’
  • Canada – (Radio & TV ) -  ‘A Year Late’
  • Chili (Film – as part of Style Council – Absolute Beginners) – ‘All Mod Cons’


James Morrison – growing international reach with success, including airplay in the Caribbean and US.  Highlights:

  • Bermuda (Cable TV) – ‘Don't Give Up’
  • Finland, Czech Republic, Hong Kong (radio & TV) – ‘Don't Give Up’
  • Films credit (St Trinians) – ‘Don’t Give Up’
  • USA (TV & radio) – ‘Mind the Gap’


Ian Brown – strong performance internationally with significant airplay in most territories.  Highlights:

  • Australia (Radio & TV & film, Bodies) – ‘Be There’
  • Poland (radio) – ‘Corpses In Their Mouths’
  • Film credit (Ten Years Younger) – ‘Fear’ 
  • USA – (TV - C.S.I. – Miami) – ‘Forever And A Day’
  • Russia (Radio) – ‘Fear’
  • Taiwan (Radio) – ‘Free My Way’

PRS for Music collects royalties whenever UK music is used from over 170 different countries; in 2008 £139.6m was collected on behalf of UK songwriters, composers and publishers.




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The bit about us:
PRS for Music exists to help businesses and community users get access to some of the world’s best loved songs, while making sure that songwriters, composers and publishers are rightfully rewarded whenever their musical works are played, performed or reproduced. PRS for Music provides the permissions needed to use music for any product or space, from a TV programme or YouTube video, to the workplace radio and every possibility in between. Through effective, fair and transparent licensing we ensure that creators can keep on creating by delivering vital income to all our 60,000 membership. PRS for Music is proud to keep one of the UK’s most vibrant creative industries working.

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