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PRS for Music AGM 2009 

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Thursday 25th June 2009 

PRS for Music
AGM 2009

Guest speaker Lord Stephen Carter

The Annual General Meeting for PRS for Music took place on Thursday 30 April at PRS for Music’s offices in Berners Street, London.

The keynote speech came from Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting, Lord Stephen Carter.

Speaking at the AGM Carter said he is preparing copyright law for the digital age and promised to meet the complex needs of content creators within new legislation. He gave an update on initiatives designed to make the U.K. a major player in the global digital economy including the interim "Digital Britain" report released in January.

When the final report of "Digital Britain" is published in June it will include the government's position on intellectual property and getting ISPs (Internet service providers) and rights holders to work together on tackling copyright-infringing P2P users will be high on the agenda.

Lord Stephen Carter said: "In the next five years, we're going to be living in a world where handheld devices, portable devices and open-space communications mean the vast majority will be living with open high-speed interoperable networks. The way people shift content will be unrecognizable. Getting the right framework in the next two to three years is critical."

Ellis Rich, Chairman of PRS addressed the meeting.

View PRS Chairman Ellis Rich's AGM speech


PRS for Music Chief Executive Steve Porter reported on the Societies progress and confirmed the financial results for 2008 (see below).


  2008 (£m) 2007 (£m) %
Broadcasting and online 180.2 155.5 16%
International 139.8 121.2 15%
Public Performance 146.6 133.6 10%
Sub-total performing revenue 466.6 410.3 14%
Recorded Media 141.6 151.8 -7%
Total 608.2 562.1 8%


Click here to view a full breakdown of our financial results


This year there were two vacancies for writer directors and two vacancies for publisher directors. At the closing date for nominations, both the writer and publisher categories had the same number of candidates as vacancies.

This meant that the candidates were not required to participate in a ballot to determine their eligibility for appointment.

The two writer director appointments that were confirmed by the meeting are Simon Darlow and Lynsey de Paul. The two publisher members are Stuart Hornall (Hornall Brothers Music) and Simon Platz (Bucks Music).


For more information please contact:

Barney Hooper, Head of PR
02073064548 / 07979 757052

Catherine George, Media Relations Manager
02073064229 / 07535 700965

The bit about us:

PRS for Music exists to help businesses and community groups get access to some of the world’s best loved music, while making sure that songwriters, composers and publishers are rightfully rewarded whenever their musical works are played, performed or reproduced. PRS for Music provides the permissions needed to use music for any product or space, from a TV programme or YouTube video, to the workplace radio and every possibility in between. Through effective, fair and transparent licensing we ensure that creators can keep on creating by delivering vital income to all our 60,000 membership. PRS for Music is proud to keep one of the UK’s most vibrant creative industries working.



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