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MCPS-PRS Alliance launches as PRS for Music 

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Monday PRS for Music19th January 2009


60,000 song writers and composers find a new voice

Almost 10 years to the day as the MCPS-PRS Alliance, the organisation that pays composers and song writers when their music is used commercially has re-launched as PRS for Music.  Chief Executive Steve Porter announced the change to assembled industry colleagues and press at International Music Trade show MIDEM in Cannes. 

The Alliance brought together the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society which pays out royalties when music is used in products such as a CDs and the Performing Right Society which does the same for the commercial broadcast of music such as on radio or in business premises.  After almost 90 years as separate organisations and 10 years as the alliance PRS for Music is billed as a new stage for one of the worlds most established collection societies.

Chief Executive Steve Porter commented: “Everybody knows the music industry is changing rapidly and we need to be ahead of that change.  The Alliance has served us well, but it is time for a more coherent, customer-facing brand that allows us to represent our members and music users in a better way.” 

Beginning on Monday 19th January all 60,000 members and almost one hundred and eighty thousand customers will be contacted explaining how the change will affect them.  Businesses that hold a PRS licence will be unaffected and will receive a new ‘PRS for Music’ licence to display to their customers and staff. 



For more information, get in touch:

Barney Hooper, Head of PR:
02073064548 / 07979 757052

Catherine George, Media Relations Manager: catherine.george@prsformusic.com
02073064229 / 07535 700965

The bit about us:
PRS for Music exists to help businesses and community users get access to some of the world’s best loved songs, while making sure that songwriters, composers and publishers are rightfully rewarded whenever their musical works are played, performed or reproduced. PRS for Music provides the permissions needed to use music for any product or space, from a TV programme or YouTube video, to the workplace radio and every possibility in between. Through effective, fair and transparent licensing we ensure that creators can keep on creating by delivering vital income to all our 60,000 membership. PRS for Music is proud to keep one of the UK’s most vibrant creative industries working.

Website: www.prsformusic.com  


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