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Instrumental Christmas 

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Wednesday 11th November 2009

Instrumental Christmas

Piano Tops Pressie List for Musical Future


In the run up to Christmas, PRS for Music, the organisation that collects royalties on behalf of composers and songwriters, reveals that the piano is the instrument which the UK population would most like to learn.

With tens of thousands of musical Christmas presents set to be shared this coming season, whether it’s an actual instrument, music lessons or games such as Guitar Hero, the PRS for Music was keen to see what would top people’s Santa list.

 Position Instrument 
Piano  34 
2 Trumpet  14 
Electric Guitar  13 
Saxophone  11 
Acoustic Guitar  11 
8 Violin 
10 Flute 

Source: PRS for Music

The information is based on a survey of over 1,500 UK respondents conducted by PRS for Music.

Commenting on the results, Ellis Rich, chairman of PRS for Music said: “Seventy per cent of the population regret not learning a musical instrument. Whilst I would want to stress that the list of possible instruments is vast most of us hanker after some old favourites. Whether it’s an ambition to play at Wembley or just for fun, or even cathartic release, we would say that giving someone the gift of leaning a musical instrument is one of the most rewarding presents that can ever be offered.” 

Electropop sensation, Little Boots, commented: “I've been playing the piano since I was 5 years old, and later learned the flute, clarinet and harp, then branched out into more unusual electronic instruments like synthesizers and sequencers as I got older. Music was, and always has been everything to me, and especially as a child it provided an amazing focus, a place for me to be creative as well as a way to release my feelings and emotions. Playing an instrument is also an incredible social tool, enabling you to meet other like-minded people and enjoy the experience of creating and playing together. So many people that I speak to now regret giving up or not trying to play when they were younger, and I think taking up an instrument is something that should be encouraged in young and old people alike.”

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PRS for Music:
PRS for Music is the leading copyright and royalty collection society representing 60,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers.  A not-for-profit organisation it ensures music creators are paid whenever their music is played.

PRS for Music provides business and community groups easy access to 10m songs through its music licences.  In an industry worth £3.18bn PRS for Music is uniquely placed to be a voice for music and can provide data for all aspects of the business: live, broadcast, sales, online, touring and music creation and up to date analysis, research and trends about the industry.

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