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Counterfeiters arrested in Hull 

10 January 07

A house in West Hull was raided early this morning following a lengthy investigation into an illegal market stall selling CDs and DVDs and three people were arrested.

Items seized during the raid included approximately 5,000 CDs and DVDs 30 CD and DVD duplicating burners and four computers.

The six month investigation was carried out by the MCPS Anti-Piracy Unit (APU) - the organisation that monitors the illegal use of the works of composers and songwriters, Kingston upon Hull Trading Standards and Humberside Police.

A warrant was executed by Trading Standards at the premises and three people were detained to be questioned in relation to potential counterfeiting offences. All three could face possible charges under the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988, the Trade Marks Act 1994 and the Trade Description Act 1968.

The investigation focused on uncovering rip-off merchants selling illegal CDs and DVDs to bargain hunters at the Walton Street Market in Hull.

A spokesperson for the MCPS Anti-Piracy Unit said: ‘Buying pirated music costs us all in the long run. Piracy takes money out of the economy – money that could otherwise be spent on improving our communities’.

Stuart Davy, Head of Community Engagement and Empowerment for Hull City Council said: ‘This was a successful operation that relied heavily on cooperation received from both the Police and the MCPS. Yet again a large amount of counterfeit stock and copying equipment has been recovered from a main distributor who operated at the Walton Street Market .Further operations are planned and we will continue to strive to support legitimate traders throughout the City.’

Anybody with information regarding counterfeiting activities can phone the MCPS Anti-Piracy Unit on 0207 306 4053.

About MCPS - The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) is a not-for-profit organisation that ensures its 17,000 composer, songwriter and music publisher members are paid royalties when the music they have created is recorded; CDs, DVDs, downloads, computer games and everything in between. MCPS works in an operational alliance with PRS – the Performing Right Society (the MCPS-PRS Alliance) - creating a future for music. www.mcps.co.uk   

About the MCPS Anti-Piracy Unit - Working alongside UK enforcement agencies, the MCPS Anti-Piracy Unit investigates infringements of MCPS member

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