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Our unique place in the music industry means we can provide data for all aspects of the music business from sales, live, broadcast and online to music creation. We also generate up to date analysis, research and trends about the music industry as a whole.

UK brand spend in music 2012

Statistics published by PRS for Music and music and entertainment strategists, FRUKT, showed the spend for music use in festivals, online and in artistic endorsements reached £104.8m, an increase of 6.09% from 2011. 

Adding up the industry 2011

The fourth edition of PRS for Music’s Adding Up the UK music industry paper explores the value of the music industry and its income streams for 2011. Technology plays a vital role in shaping the way we now enjoy music on many types of devices and the music industry – like many others - has had to adapt to these changes in formats, consumption and usage. 

The six business models for copyright infringements

A study by Google and PRS for Music, conducted by BAE Systems Detica reveals the six business models behind online copyright infringement.

A house divided: the economics of discounting tickets

This paper explores case studies and relevant economic concepts to inform the debate on discounting tickets and its effects on the live music industry.

Wallet Share

This paper uses the concept of ‘wallet share’ to illustrate aggregate consumer spend on both live and recorded music, as a percentage of total consumer expenditure.

ECADONOMICS: Brazil’s unique model of collective rights management

Getting to grips with Brazil’s unique royalty structure. This paper takes a look at the significance of a central bureau which administers all the copyrights within music that relate to both performance and recording.


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Adding up the industry

Economic analysis of the diverse mix of revenues, rights and relationships in the UK's music industry.

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