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A songwriter’s perspective on BBC Radio 6 Music

A fresh perspective on how ‘distinctiveness’ can be measured in the public service broadcasting context and how it helped inform the debate on the future of BBC Radio 6 Music.

An introduction to Cost Disease

A timely reminder of Baumol and Bowen’s controversial 60s theory that relates to rising wages and creative output, and considers how it can be applied to music in a digital age.

How to dance to ARPU when licensees call the tune

What the Average Revenue per User acronym means for rightsholders and rights users.

The Long Tail of P2P

When you offer more choice, do consumers take that choice? This report analyses the distribution of demand for hits and niches in illegal P2P.

Shadow pricing P2P’s economic impact

Against the backdrop of a government consultation aimed at fostering greater understanding between internet service providers and the music industry, our Chief Economist Will Page works with Vanderbilt University’s David Touve and Keith McMahon of telecoms consultancy STL Partners to assess the possibility of aligning incentives within these disparate camps.

The R Words: recession and royalties

The impact of recession on royalties: who wins and loses when an economy contracts for two quarters or more?


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Adding up the industry

Economic analysis of the diverse mix of revenues, rights and relationships in the UK's music industry.

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