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Copyright enables songwriters, composers and publishers to earn royalties from their creative work. Our role is to license and administer the rights of our members and distribute their royalties transparently effectively and efficiently.

We contribute to discussion on copyright policy and legislative development by providing information on the development of the market and in the operational infrastructure that supports rights management. Our goal is to support the rights of members and to uphold the value of copyright, and to develop licensing solutions that help creative content markets to develop.

Our key priorities

The UK Copyright Consultation

We are active participants in current debates in the UK about copyright which follow the Hargreaves review, including conversations about the Digital Copyright Exchange, format shifting and other exceptions.

Read our response to the UK government’s consultation on copyright

Read our response to the call for evidence for Phase 1 of the Digital Copyright Exchange feasibility study

The EU intellectual property rights (IPR) strategy

We welcome the holistic approach to intellectual property set out in the EU Strategy of April 2011. Our comments on the separate themes are below:

International copyright issues

We monitor developments across the international legislative, judicial and policy spectrum.

Contact us

If you would like to receive regular information regarding our policy and research areas, email policy@prsformusic.com

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