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Collective Rights Management 

Collective rights management provides licensing solutions in a market where there are many millions of songwriters and many millions of businesses that need a licence for their music.

We comment on all policies that affect collective rights management, to ensure that there is effective voluntary licensing of musical works. We support our involvement in these debates with evidence and research.

Our key priorities

Codes of Conduct

To develop Codes of Conduct that support minimum standards and complaints procedures for members and for licensees. In the UK government’s consultation on copyright, it is proposed that collecting societies should adopt a Code of Conduct. We already have put in place standards for self-regulation, governed by codes of conduct that are subject to independent oversight by Ombudsman Services.

The European Commission proposal for a legislative instrument on collective management of rights

The European Commission is working on proposals for common rules to improve and harmonise the transparency and accountability of collecting societies and to provide a framework for multi-territory licensing. We welcome developments that lead to more consistency in the transparency of societies to members and to other societies, and more consistency in financial reporting.

Dispute resolution for licensing schemes

Collecting societies are subject to competition law and to specific regulation by the Copyright Tribunal, the independent tribunal established by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 whose role is to adjudicate in commercial licensing disputes between collecting societies and users of copyright material in their business.

We monitor the role and jurisdiction of the Copyright Tribunal.

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If you would like to receive regular information regarding our policy and research areas, email policy@prsformusic.com

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