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2014 financial results

PRS for Music financial results record combined royalty income across PRS and MCPS of £664.3m in 2014. This was an increase on 2013 of nearly 1% on a constant currency basis across PRS for Music’s revenue streams which include International, Public Performance, Television and Radio, Online and Recorded Media.

£million 2014 2013 %
International 188.2 201.1 -6.4
Public Performance 168.3 162.3 3.7
Broadcast  165.0 160.4 2.9
Online*  79.7 67.8 17.5
Recorded Media  63.1 80.7 -21.8
Total 664.3 672.3 -1.2
Revenue on a constant currency basis 678.1 672.3 0.9

*2014 and 2013 figures include revenue from special purpose vehicles (SPVs).

PRS for Music financial results 2014

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