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Why do you need to pay to use music? 

If you play music in your business or want to include it in your product you need clearance to do so from the owners of that music. PRS and MCPS represent the owners and can get you the clearances you need.

Our members license their rights through us rather than doing it individually, making it easier and more efficient for those who want to use music to do so legally by obtaining a licence from us.

All licence fees we collect are distributed as royalty payments to our 125,000 members and to our affiliated societies worldwide. We only deduct our administration costs.

If you want to check the repertoire covered by MCPS and/or PRS for Music please visit ISWC's database: http://iswcnet.cisac.org 

How much does it cost?

Music rates are really competitive. How much it costs will be determined by what you intend to do with music. Search our website to find out more.

What happens if you don't obtain clearance?

If you don't obtain clearance for your use of copyright music, you could face legal action for copyright infringement and may become liable to pay damages and costs.

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