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When businesses or organisations first come across music licensing, they may need some initial guidance on how to become correctly licensed.

We have put together some information and tools which we hope will help you to answer common questions you may receive and explain the law that covers playing music in public.

Information about PRS for Music

‘From Repertoire to Royalties’ explains how our members’ musical repertoire becomes royalties, sheds light on the value of copyright and outlines some of the important steps we are taking to protect our members work in the fast-evolving global media landscape.

Become licensed to listen

Information about playing music, covering the common questions we get asked.

Communicating to members or interested parties

If you would like information about PRS for Music to provide to your members or interested parties through your website, newsletters, or other communications, we have some standard editorial and web banner templates available. Please email tradebodies@prsformusic.com to request these materials.

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To read more about PRS for Music, music licensing or to view our Code of Conduct, see the links below.

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