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About PRS for Music

PRS for Music is the home of PRS and MCPS, representing the rights of over 115,000 members.

We license organisations to play, perform or make available copyright music on behalf of our members and those of overseas societies, distributing the royalties to them fairly and efficiently.

We promote and protect the value of copyright.

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Which licence do I need?

Which licence do I need?

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Latest news

PRS for Music hosted a ‘PRS Explores: Blockchain’ session with industry panellists
BASCA, in association with PRS for Music, announce the nominations for the 61st Ivor Novello Awards.
PRS for Music supports the principles and objectives of the Collective Right Management (CRM) Directive which came into force Sunday April 10 2016
PRS for Music hosts exclusive panel on licensing DSPs, online piracy and sound recognition at the 2016 Brighton Music Conference.

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