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How it works 

This section provides a summary of key processes and policies that members may need to refer to during their membership with us.

Music registration policy

How to register your music with us.

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How we collect music usage data

Find out how we collect your music usage data

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Agreements registration policy

A guide to agreements and how to register them.

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A guide to samples and information on how to register t...

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A guide to arrangements.

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Infringement, claims and disputes

A guide to infringements and disputes.

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Disputes and counter claims

A guide to our disputes and duplicate claims process.

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Service standards

We are committed to providing members with the best pos...

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BBC Prior Approval process

Information on when the BBC seeks prior approval from o...

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Report live and online performances

Report your gigs

Have you performed your own songs recently?

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Global network

Global network

Our rights are represented in around 100 countries

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