Disputes and Duplicate Claims

Duplicate claims fall mainly into three categories, which we've outlined below.

Main types of duplicate claim

'Author Share Claim' means, in relation to a Musical Work, a Claim where there is agreement between the Claimants about the Authorship of the Musical Work but disagreement about the Share attributable to each Author.

'Authorship Claim' means, in relation to a Musical Work, a Claim based on a disagreement over the Authorship of that Work.

Ownership Claim means a Claim in which the Claimants agree on the Authorship of a Musical Work and the Share attributable to each Author but disagree as to who currently owns or controls any Share in the Work; and includes a Reversionary Rights Claim.

What happens next?

If a claim is raised it will be set up in the Counterclaims system for you to manage. 

In line with the rules, you may be required to submit documentation to support your claims to royalty distributions.

Resolving a Dispute

If all claimants meet the supporting documentation requirements then the royalties may be held in Dispute. It is the responsibility of the claimants to resolve the Dispute between them or via a legal process.

Releasing royalties after resolution

Once we’re informed of a resolution, we'll release the royalties according to the settlement.