PRS for Music and PPL

PRS for Music and PPL both license the use of their members' music. However, each represents different music creators and rights.

  • PRS for Music pays royalties to composers, writers and publishers for the use of their music
  • PPL pays royalties to recording artists and record companies for the use of their recorded music

PRS and PPL usually license separately but can offer joint licences for some businesses such as public performances in:

  • community buildings 
  • schools
  • churches (excluding music usage as part of recognised religious services)
  • small workplaces
  • amateur sports clubs

We also offer the following joint licences:

  • Pro Dub licence for copying music from CDs to laptops for professional services such as DJing
  • Limited Manufacture Licence for low-volume production of recordings that include music
  • small business licence for background music on websites.

Take a look at the video below to see how we work with PPL to make licensing easier for everyone.

PRS for Music and PPL