How do I know who is licensing my online rights

UK only (domestic) online music services:

PRS for Music offers a range of licences and schemes for UK digital services. This includes the ‘one click’ Limited Online Music Licence (LOML) which is designed to provide an efficient, cost-effective licence for small scale UK music services generating less than £12,500 in annual revenue from music sales, or larger entities using a small amount of music or hosting a small amount of audio visual content which contains music.

Find out more about all our UK online licences (LOML, LOML+, OML and GEOL) and how royalties flow from them here.

Online music services that operate on a multi-territory basis:

This depends on a number of factors such as the nature and scope of the online music service in question. Please see below.

Is the online music service operation on a national basis only?

If yes:

In the vast majority of cases, Option 3 licensing does not apply. So for the UK, PRS for Music is usually the administrator.

View non-PEL usage codes and descriptions 

If no:

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Are your rights published by an Option 3 publisher?

These are:

  • Universal Music Publishing
  • Sony/ATV Group (including EMI)
  • Kobalt Group
  • IMPEL/Imagem, Carlin and peermusic group
  • Warner Chappell Group
  • Wixen Music Publishing Inc

If no:

PRS members' performing rights will be licensed and administered by PRS for Music (now transitioning to ICE) on a multi-territory basis. 

NB. other MCPS mechanical rights (i.e. unpublished/ not published by an Option 3 Publisher) will flow into national licences granted by the local collecting society. Monies collected from other societies may flow to PRS for Music to be distributed to members via the network of representation agreements with other societies (or will otherwise be distributed via the local sub-publisher network if the writer is published).

View the PEL service types and usage codes for members whose online rights are administered by ICE. 

If yes:

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Who is licensing and administering your online rights?

In relation to Europe (and sometimes a wider geographic scope) the administrators are generally as follows (usually from the date of that administrator's licence agreement with the online music service and subject to PRS approval regarding PRS performing rights):

  • Universal Music Publishing - DEAL (SACEM)Sony/ATV Group (including EMI) - SOLAR (administered by ICE
  • BMG Rights Management Group - ARESA (administered by ICE)
  • Kobalt Group - AMRA (and ICE for the performing rights published by Kobalt)
  • IMPEL/Imagem, Carlin and peermusic group - PRS for Music (administered by ICE)
  • Warner Chappell Group - PEDL (administered by ICE where ICE or one of its shareholders is appointed for a particular online music service)
  • Wixen Music Publishing Inc. -  SACEM
If you are published by any of the above, please contact your publisher if you need help with PEL usage codes.

Find out who is licensing and administering your rights for iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.

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