New regulation for collective management organisations comes into force

A new legal framework, the Collective Rights Management (CRM) Directive, to regulate the operation of collective management organisations came into effect across Europe yesterday (10th April 2016).

The CRM Directive was adopted by the European Parliament and Council in February 2014 to set minimum standards of transparency, governance and customer service which must be met by all collective management organisations in the EU.  The UK Regulations, which bring the CRM Directive into law in the UK, came into force yesterday.

We have been a long term supporter of the CRM Directive as we believe that it will improve the way collective management organisations administer our members’ rights.


From its inception we have supported the overarching principles and objectives of the CRM Directive and the intention to create a framework that promotes transparency, efficiency and accountability by collecting societies in Europe. These characteristics are vital to effective rights management, not just for digital online markets but for national licensing.

Robert Ashcroft, Chief Executive, PRS for Music

Members can find out more about the UK Regulations at and their rights in PRS’s Articles of Association and Rules and Regulations or contact (publishers) / (writers) for more information.

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