The 2023 MCPS Production Music Rate Card is here

Making it easier than ever for licensees to use your production music.

The MCPS Production Music rate card sets out the prices and terms for licensing the use of Production Music across all media including advertising, film, TV, and online.

We have worked with members and licensees to make sure that if you write or compose Production Music, it’s easier than ever for licensees to use your music.

What’s new and improved?

A simpler licence

Publication of all media and advertising campaign rates makes the rate card easier to understand and use.

New rates

  • Video game rates and video game trailer and promotion rates.
  • Introduction of film trailer rates on video-on-demand platforms.

Improved flexibility

Addition of ‘per track’ rates for film trailers means it’s easier for productions with smaller budgets to use your production music.

Better value

A cap on our rates for film and film trailers enables negotiation with larger budget productions, making it easier for you to strike a better value deal for your music.

MCPS is part of the MPA Group.
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