Cut-off dates for registering works

It’s important that your music is registered with us by certain dates for it to be included in the next available distribution.

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We pay PRS performing royalties to you through four main distributions each year: April, July, October and December. MCPS mechanical royalties are paid out to MCPS members on a monthly basis.

The time it takes to pay royalties varies, depending on how and where your music is being used. Here is how the process works:

  • Licensees report the use of your music to us (the place it was played, e.g. a TV channel or streaming service)
  • We then match it to the music registered in our copyright database
  • Once it’s been matched, we can pay your royalties.

To check which month you'll be paid, based on when your music was used, please see our distribution schedule.

To make sure you receive royalties when you expect to, you need to register the details of your works with us before a certain date in the month. This enables us to identify the music as yours and to include those royalties in the next available distribution. The table below shows the cut-off dates for registering works each month:

PRS distributions

Last date to register works

Distribution month
1 February April
1 May July
1 August  October
1 October December

MCPS distributions

Last date to register works

Distribution month

1 January

1 February April
1 March May
1 April


1 May July

1 June


1 July September

1 August

1 September November
1 October


1 November


1 December February

If you are an unpublished writer or composer, you must register your own works on our website. However, if you have a publisher, they will usually manage registrations and amendments on your behalf as part of their obligations under your publishing deal.

New to PRS? Learn how to register a work in our ‘How To’ Academy.

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