Dance music needs to do more to ‘embrace streaming’

The electronic music community needs to do more to embrace music streaming, a music industry expert has said.

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 11 Jun 2015
  • min read
The electronic music community needs to do more to 'embrace music streaming', a music industry expert has said.

Lee Morrison, Believe Digital’s general manager UK, SVP Rights Management, made the comments during the New Revenue Streams in the Electronic Music Industry panel session at the conference.

He said that the dance music community isn’t embracing the tools available around streaming as much as it did with downloads.

‘I think that’s a perception thing as much as anything - we’re not selling more records and getting paid 50-odd pence for it. Revenue from the streams and micro-streams are really small but you still need to embrace both areas. They complement each other.'

‘As far as discovery goes, streaming is helping us in a huge way, as well as sales of physical, digital, tickets and everything else.’

Speaking in the same panel, Chris Goss from Hospital Records, said it is a real challenge for new artists and labels to stand out among the rest of the online noise.

'As a company, we try to embrace every aspect of every platform, even the ones that turn up for six months, then go bust. But trying to navigate that from an authentic A&R position is very hard.'

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