AIM to extend its COVID-19 Crisis Fund

AIM particularly welcome applications from individuals from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Backgrounds and others who are underrepresented within the music industry.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 10 Jun 2020
  • min read

The Association of Independent Music has announced that its COVID-19 Crisis Fund is opening to further applications as the Coronavirus pandemic evolves.

AIM’s Crisis Fund was launched in April to provide financial aid to freelancers and contractors who are facing hardship due to lost work on cancelled projects with independent artists signed to AIM Members.

So far, nearly 200 beneficiaries have received aid to help them through the crisis, working across a range of roles including tour managers, live crew, sound engineers, producers, agents, managers, promoters and publicists, as well as AIM record label members and developing artists themselves.

AIM is now able to evolve the fund and extend the period of lost work covered into June/July, in addition to the initial period of April/May. Applicants can now receive up to £1,000 for each two-month period. 

Paul Pacifico, chief executive, AIM, said: ‘Due to the generous support of our donors, we are now able to extend support from the Crisis Fund to cover a greater time period, which could prove crucial for many of our members and the emerging artists and freelance workers on their teams as the pandemic evolves. Hardship takes many different forms. We want to make sure that we’re supporting our community to keep them healthy and safe through this trying time.’

Joeseth Carter, tour manager, Bonobo and Jordan Rakei, said: ‘The Live Music industry, which relies on bringing people together to enjoy music, was one of the first to be impacted by Covid-19 & will likely be one of the last to return to normality. As a Tour Manager, I have been unable to work since March when restrictions on travel & bans on mass gatherings came into place. It’s difficult to envision returning to a normal work rate anytime soon, as the ongoing effects of this global crisis keep the brakes firmly on our industry. Unable to earn a living coupled with not meeting the eligibility criteria for the government’s Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) has left me with a significant strain on finances and the stress that comes with it.

‘Receiving support from the AIM Crisis Fund has hugely alleviated that financial strain & given me peace of mind that I can make ends meet for a while until we can bring live music to the masses once again. I am beyond grateful for the support given to me and know that this fund has and will help many in our industry during this strange, difficult time. I can’t wait to return to work, it’s just not the same putting itineraries up in my bedroom for a tour between my bed & sofa!’

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