Tay Iwar

Spotlight: Tay Iwar

In this week’s edition of our Spotlight series, we’re drawing your attention to R&B and Afro-fusion artist Tay Iwar.

Sam Ilori
  • By Sam Ilori
  • 20 Apr 2021
  • min read

When thinking of the name Tay Iwar, you quickly realise it becomes synonymous with mystique, emotion, and genuine passion for music. It must be why Tay has been recognised by so many as one of the forerunners of R&B and Afro-fusion emerging from the nation of Africa.

Whether it’s sitting outside on a Sunday enjoying the afternoon summer breeze or studying alone on a Wednesday evening, his music provides the soundtrack needed to just switch off an focus on one’s self.

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Tay Iwar


Afro-futurist R&B sound

From where?

Abuja, Nigeria

What’s the story?

Today we know him as the musical sensation Tay Iwar but at an early age, Austin hated when his father would insist, he take classical piano lessons as part of his early education growing up in Abuja, Nigeria.

The hatred eventually subsided and evolved into a passion for the art when he gravitated towards the use of the guitar which was short lived as Austin would go on to discover the FL Studio Software along with his love for producing music.

During this time and having grown up surrounded by music at home, him and his two brothers formed a group named the Bantu Collective. Through his experience creating music with them combined with his infatuation of FL Studio, he impressively became a sound engineer by the age of 16 whilst still amassing his ability to play multiple instruments.

It was at the age of 16 when Tay released his first album entitled ‘Passport’ and would subsequently go on to release his album ‘Renascentia’ in 2016 and albums ‘Gold’ and ‘Gemini’ in 2019. Leading up to the creation of Gemini, Tay was contacted by LA based collective Soulection who he been a fan of for many years prior and was shocked to hear that they wanted to work with him and in many ways believed this changed his life. The album saw him collaborate with the likes of Alté artists Santi, Preye and Odunsi the Engine but it was in 2020 when he appeared on Wizkid’s “Made in Lagos” album for the song True Love, that he would experience much more recognition amongst his peers within the wider music industry for his tremendous talent.

Flash forward to 2021 and Tay has kicked off the year with the release of his 5 song EP ‘Love & Isolation’ which he described as a slow-paced R&B lullaby connected through beautiful melodies which stand to show the listener an alternate universe that is only interested in enabling escapism and focused on self-healing.

Sounds like?

Timeless music fit for any mood you find yourself in

Predicted to?

Become a pioneer for R&B coming out of Africa

Must hear?

Monica, Pick Up The Phone, Heat and Peaking

Watch the official video for Monica below.