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Spotlight: Shire T

In this week’s edition of our Spotlight series, we’re drawing your attention towards Shire T AKA Chris Davids, one half of celebrated electronic duo Maribou State.

Theo Harding
  • By Theo Harding
  • 28 Sep 2021
  • min read

Shire T is the project of Chris Davids, one half of revered electronic duo Maribou State. If the duo’s music makes you want to sit in a comfy chair with a good pair of headphones, Shire T’s will make you want to make a beeline for the nearest dancefloor. As Shire T, Davids explores the darker, richer side of British dance music, while retaining the magic that has made Maribou State mainstays of electronic culture.


Chris Davids 


Club-ready dance music

From where? 

Hertfordshire, UK

What’s the story? 

Shire T’s inception can be traced back to 2017 when Chris Davids began creating material that could find its way into Maribou State’s DJ sets. Since then, Davids has neatly carved out a niche for his understated songwriting and production chops. If you’re looking for some club-ready sounds to accompany the reopening of music venues and live performances, then look no further. With Shire T, Davids draws influence from British dance music culture and global scenes to create technicolour worlds and sonic delights. Scattered throughout his dense, atmospheric productions you’ll find dizzying synths, intricate breaks and soulful vocals. Paired with his innate ability to create catchy melodies and lush soundscapes, Davids’ music makes for a listening experience to be relished. 

Shire T’s debut solo album Tomorrow's People is out now, released via Maribou State’s very own Dama Dama imprint. 

Sounds like?

‘90s British club culture meets electronic production wizardry. 

Predicted to? 

Make your head bob. 

Must hear? 

Blue Kiss, L.D.R.A and Mind Games