Spotlight: ABISHA

Since dropping her EP Scorpio back in February, South London artist ABISHA has cemented herself onto the industry’s radar. Now back her new single One Night, she should undoubtedly be on yours.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 8 Jul 2020
  • min read

Some artists reveal themselves in an instant. Others take the long way around, each release peeling back the layers of self slowly. For multifaceted talent ABISHA, the case is very much the latter and unmistakably all on her own terms.

Since releasing her debut track All That in 2017, ABISHA has drawn praise across i-D, High Snobiety, Hunger, Complex, Nylon, COLORS, Notion, DAZED and received immediate additions across Spotify playlists including New Music Friday UK, Spotify & Chill and Soultronic.

Following the release of her latest single One Night, we want to get to know ABISHA a little better.
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An awe-inspiring alternative R&B artist, using her voice to empower other black, queer women.

From where?

South London via Devon.

What’s the story?

25-year-old singer songwriter ABISHA has a sophisticated and soulful vocal presence.

Her confidence has arisen from overcoming profound insecurity, a journey closely tied to coming of age as a gay person of colour in her homeland of Devon.

Imbued with both raw sensitivity and understated power, ABISHA’s music intimately documents her transformation through the years and ultimately speaks to the urgency of representation and the radical beauty of self-acceptance.

ABISHA’s latest single One Night is an irrefutable R&B banger. Discussing the track, she says: ‘One Night’ was one of those songs that just needed to be written. I had so much emotion inside me and I needed so badly to release it. It’s an apology, reminiscence and closure in the form of a song. As soon as I got to the studio, the words poured out because it was so fresh within me.’

Sounds like?

Liquid gold.

Predicted to?

Pivot from rising talent to alternative R&B powerhouse.

Must hear?

One Night.