A Star

Spotlight: A-Star

All it takes is one look at A-Stars’ social media for you to know what he is about and what he represents. Disclaimer: You are likely to end up dancing non-stop, so be prepared.

Sam Ilori
  • By Sam Ilori
  • 20 Oct 2020
  • min read

He is the self-proclaimed King of Afro-Dance who has helped unite the dance community with the afrobeat sound all around the globe.

A-Star went from studying music production at London Metropolitan University to becoming an internationally recognised figure in the afrobeat community. Growing up on an estate in south east London as one of six children, his path to success was not easy. But despite the odds being stacked against him, he has demonstrated what it takes to pursue one’s dreams relentlessly.  

With hits to his name like Chocobodi (2018), Bogada (2019) and Balaya (2019), A-Star has shown time and time again that his unique formula makes it impossible for us to keep still when his songs play. His biggest and most popular song to date has to be Kupe Dance propelled him onto a world tour, visiting every continent at least once in 2019. 

Kupe Dance was also used in a Beyonce dance routine during her tour in 2019, has been posted on Instagram by the likes of Madonna, Davido and P.Diddy. It has amassed over 23 Million views on YouTube. 

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Afro-dance, a segment of the afrobeat genre, primarily dedicated to make people shake their bodies.

From where? 

London, United Kingdom (Ghanaian background).

What’s the story? 

Jamil Abbas (born 30 January 1992), known professionally as A-Star, is a songwriter and performing artist who became popular in 2019 after releasing his single Kupe Dance

The name A-Star was derived from the place he grew up (Aylesbury) and the strong conviction that Jamil knew he would be a star one day. Becoming the success he is today was no small feat as there were many setbacks along the way. 

Being the last born of six children, Jamil grew up in an estate located in Aylesbury, south-east London, where he developed his love of music, specifically the hip-hop genre. After a few years of making rap music himself, he decided to take his music in a different direction in 2017, and the re-vamped A-star was born. 

Known for his work ethic, the rising star has already released a three track EP entitled Do it for Dad, in reference to his late father, alongside six other singles this year alone (every six weeks on average). This includes his most recent Don’t touch me, which some say goes hand in hand with the times we are living in while also drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson. He tweeted: ‘I never release music for millions of streams and views. That stopped a long time ago. I release music because the spirits told me to make the world dance #KingOfAfroDance.’

Sounds like? 

African trance music mixed with afro-house.

Predicted to? 

Pull you out of your seat and make you wiggle that derriere.

Must hear? 

Don’t touch me and Mata. Watch the official videos below.