Featured Artist - I Am A Camera

This week's PRS for Music Featured Artist is I Am A Camera.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 16 May 2011
  • min read
This week's PRS for Music Featured Artist is I Am A Camera.

It was a chance meeting while escaping from the burning wreckages of their former incarnations - Ian and Francesca collided and sparked an idea for a new band – I Am A Camera. It grew and grew in more discussions over multiple drinks in Manchester’s dive bars and London’s clubs of disrepute. They were both over everything and wanted something more: Melancholy machines and hard beats.

‘With I Am A Camera we wanted to create a cold wall of sound as an emotional outlet for our deepest thoughts and musings’ explains Francesca.

The band began in October 2010. Their songs such as Without You and Red Letter Day serve up stories of lovestruck commuters, bitter trophy wives, betrayal and revenge.

Influences? John Carpenter – ‘I love Assault On Precinct 13, oh and Robert Mapplethorpe says Ian; Spike Jonze - I’m Here is an amazing film and Brian Duffy’s photographs of Jean Shrimpton and Bowie’ adds Francesca.

With their torch songs for the 21st Century I Am A Camera are ready for their own close up.