Premiere: Nuala – Cry F*cking Loud

M Magazine has an exclusive premiere of Nuala’s latest release, Cry F*cking Loud, lifted from her forthcoming EP, Me&Me.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 6 Aug 2020
  • min read

Hot on the heels of her stirring summer anthem Split Down The Middle, Nuala continues to showcase her versatility. A personal ode to past relationships, as well as a pointed commentary aimed at the current political discourse, Cry Fucking Loud is a quirky, playful soundtrack packed full of wry, acerbic lyrics.

Speaking on the track, Nuala said: ‘Cry Fucking Loud is a tongue-in-cheek yet mildly aggressive song about reactionary, obnoxious ‘men’ who like to believe they hold the power and throw their toys out of the pram when things don’t go their way. This is illustrated by the hook line ‘you’re like a baby, when you cry you cry real fucking loud’. It was inspired by certain politicians, but also by the general self centred attitude that I have personally tackled in my everyday life.’

Listen to Cry Fucking Loud below