new music monday

New Music Monday

Take a look at what we’ve had on repeat across the last seven days with this week’s edition of New Music Monday.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 12 Apr 2021
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Happy 12 April 2021, otherwise known as 'the day we've all been waiting for'. To celebrate taking one step further towards normality, and to honour all of the heroes spending their day in freezing cold beer gardens as snow lands on their pint glasses, we've got a huge New Music Monday lined up.

Tune in for tracks from Gracey, Master Peace, Holly Humberstone, Ruti and Sorry. 

Gracey – Got You Covered

Having been nominated for a BRIT Award for Best British Single with Don’t Need Love, pop singer Gracey returns with summer-ready bop Got You Covered; another collaboration with Billen Ted.

‘I was so excited to reunite with Billen Ted,’ says Gracey. ‘They were a huge part of bringing Don’t Need Love to life and they did the same with this song!’

‘The garage/dance influence they brought takes me right back to nights with my friendship group as 17-year-olds, and I hope it spreads some good energy as we head into the summer months.’

Got You Covered is out now via Polydor.

Master Peace - PDA 

Londoner Master Peace is back with his latest genre-defying offering, PDA

‘It’s the one for the real Master Peace fans,’ Peace says of the track. ‘Those of you who came to a show of mine will understand the length of time this song has been circulating for. This is to say thank you for supporting me along my journey. If you’re discovering me from this song…? welcome to the Master Peace show!’

Master Peace has also announced that his brand new EP Public Display Of Affection will be arriving on 28 May via EMI Records.

Holly Humberstone – Haunted House

Holly Humberstone has just released Haunted House, an ode to her childhood home. Haunted House is the first release from Holly since the release of her debut EP in August last year. 

In a statement, she explained: ‘With my sisters and I moving out and living separate lives, coming home feels very comforting and one of the only things keeping us all connected,’ she said.

‘The house is almost falling down around us now though, and we’ve realised that pretty soon we’ll be forced to leave. Loads of people have probably died here in the past but I’ve always felt really safe. It’s like a seventh family member. It’s part of me.’

Watch the eerie candlelit video, shot in the house itself, below. 

Ruti – Daylight

Essex born songstress Ruti releases her stunning 4-track EP All at Once today, 9 April. All at Once arrives as Ruti’s first independent project, guided entirely by her innate creative compass and fuelled by the musings of her personal experiences.

Speaking on the project, Ruti explains; ‘Each track on the EP has a season in mind. They sound like what I think each season sounds like. There are a couple of news tracks as well that I’m really excited for people to hear.

Daylight is the winter track, it’s a lot moodier than the other tracks. Personally I always struggle during the winter mentally so that’s what I wrote about in the song and I feel like minor chords make it feel a lot more serious. It’s actually the first sad song that I’ve ever released, but I like that it’s still quite upbeat.’

Give lead single Daylight a spin below.

Sorry – Don’t Be Scared

London duo Sorry dropped their new EP Twixtustwain last Tuesday, 6 April. The record features singles Cigarette Packet and Separate, as well as the previously unheard Don’t Be Scared, Things to Hold Onto and Favourite. Speaking on the new release, Sorry explain: ‘The Twixtustwain songs, shapes and forms are more odd and misshaped to fit around the mantra type lyrical lines. 

‘They are smaller ideas that we wanted to explore and put out between albums to follow from the Home Demo/ns mixtapes…. They also show the songs / ideas that developed into 925.

Listen to Don't Be Scared below.