New Music Monday 16

New Music Monday

This week, we’ve got new music from Arlo Parks, Tom Did It, Nuha Ruby Ra, Straight Girl and Beaux blaring through the speakers.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 30 Nov 2020
  • min read

As November draws to a close, for some, so does lockdown 2.0. Why not celebrate being a week closer to normality with a great big dose of new music from some of the UK’s freshest talent?

Get stuck into M’s New Music Monday picks below.

Arlo Parks – Caroline

Ahead of the release of her debut album in January, Arlo Parks has unveiled her latest single Caroline, and it’s as effortlessly gorgeous you’d expect.

Speaking on the track, she explains. ‘Caroline is an exercise in people watching and seeing situations unfold without context. It’s an exploration of how something once full of healthy passion can dissolve in an instant.’

Nuha Ruby Ra – Sparky

Nuha Ruby Ra is an avant-punk artist from East London. Having received a great response for debut single Erase Me, Nuha is now ready to reveal Sparky, the lead single from her forthcoming EP. Sparky is a track about the joys of sex and emotional detachment. Set to a minimalist beat juxtaposed with provocative, precocious and lustful poetic musings.

Nuha says of the single: ‘I’m Sparky, it’s a name I was given once by an old flame. That Sparky was all about the joys of sex and dominance. The sleeping demon that needed to come out for a dance and push the demons of Erase Me and Cruel off to the side for a minute. Still restless, irritated and a bit reflective, even while having great sex. No rest.’

Straight Girl – Limón

Heralded for their magnetic and exhilarating live performances, self-branded ‘connoisseur of sad-dance’ Straight Girl has been bulldozing their way through the UK’s alternative, electronic and progressive scenes since late 2017.

Explaining their new track Limón, Straight Girl says: ‘I wrote Limón in 2017 at a point where I was feeling a lot of shame about the person I felt I was. Feeling crushed by this immense disconnect between the things I was saying and the things I was thinking. It felt like this grotesque, sour monster was hiding within me, and often wondered if the fact I harboured it inside meant that was who I was. I would imagine my head being squeezed like a lemon and feel the horrible, sour, bitter sting of shame pour out.’

Tom Did It – Like Me

17-year-old Tom Did It’s brand of melodic sung-rap, akin to The Weeknd, Post Malone and Lil Uzi Vert, has earned him props from both sides of the Atlantic. A spin of his latest offering Like Me will show you why.

‘I just wanted a song people can get super hyped to and also have a slight meaning behind it,’ Tom says of the track. ‘The song is basically a hate message to the ones that never supported me or liked me back before I did music, but now they see me making moves, and they’re coming back.’

Beaux – by the lake

London newcomer Beaux has just released his ambient new track by the lake via Dirty Hit.

Discussing the song, he writes: ‘I wrote ‘by the lake’ during the height of the first lockdown, when the only thing you could do outside of your home was go on walks. My girlfriend and I spent a lot of the time skateboarding and going to a big lake near where I live.

‘When I wrote the song, I’d just bought a new synth, and ‘by the lake’ was the product of me messing around with it. When you listen, I want it to feel like you’ve been taken to another place; as if by a peaceful lake on a summer day, an oasis of calm within the turbulent times we’re living in.’