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Bristol band Home Counties is made up of Will Harrison, Conor Kearney, Barn Peiser Pepin, Sam Woodroffe and Dan Hearn, and they've just dropped their debut EP.

Claire Rose
  • By Claire Rose
  • 16 Sep 2020
  • min read

Home Counties make melodically rigid, socially-charged anthems that are both lyrically tongue-in-cheek and scathingly satirical. The quintet who were previously known as Haze, combine angular guitar work with furious percussion and have toured with the likes of Shame, Sports Team and Pip Blom. 

Their debut EP Redevelopment on has had radio support from Huw Stephens and Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1), Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music) and Matt Wilkinson (Beats 1).

Listen to their new EP below.

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Hi Home Counties! Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Hey M Magazine. We’re Home Counties, a five-piece from Bristol. We make ‘wonk-pop’ songs about everyday life.

How’s lockdown been for you all?

We formed in January 2020 and it’s certainly been a strange time to launch the project. We got off to a solid start, touring with Hotel Lux in February and then COVID-19 just wiped out the rest of our live plans. 

Some of us were living together in Bristol, and we put some daft live streams together which were a lot of fun. We managed to get a lot of writing done as we were free from work commitments. We’ve basically got the second EP written and ready for the studio. 

Tell us about your new EP…

We finished recording our Redevelopment EP right at the start of the year and I think it represents the sound of us forming. Musically, it’s a bit of a mismatch. I guess the common theme is driving percussion, weird synth sounds and duelling guitars. Lyrically, it’s about cultural changes in Britain over the last 50 years. It looks for meaning in the typically mundane spaces of the built environment and in society. We’re so glad to finally get it out.

Have you had to change release plans due to lockdown at all? 

Yeah, hugely. The planned release date jumped forwards and backwards several times as we tried to predict when we might be able to tour. Luckily, our label - Alcopop Records - have been so supportive and I think we’ve managed to get the project off the ground and make a pretty solid start, despite no live dates. We were lucky to get some great support from Huw Stephens and Jack Saunders early on and the press response has been really nice. Most importantly, people seem to be enjoying the EP. It’s only been out a week but so far so good. 

What’s next for Home Counties?

We’re a live band first and foremost so we’ll be getting back on stage as soon as we possibly can. There’s some talk of socially distanced gigs to seated audiences but ultimately, we want to be back in packed, sweaty basement venues. We’ve started tentatively plotting tour dates for 2021. And as we mentioned, the second EP is written and demoed so we’ll be releasing more music sooner rather than later.

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