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Friday Fresh: The week's biggest tracks

Take a look at what we've been listening to over the past seven days with this week's edition of Friday Fresh.

Liam Konemann
  • By Liam Konemann
  • 19 Aug 2022
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Things get a little emotional in this week's Friday Fresh. From odes to sibling love to laments about life on a declining earth, many artists featured here dig into serious subjects against melodic hooks, rambunctious riffs, and moving vocals. In between we have club bangers, love stories, and classic collaborations. 

Phoebe Green - Crying in the Club

Phoebe Green's turn at a Dancing On My Own-style anthem, Crying in the Club is simultaneously joyful and heartrending. Spiralling around a central lyric based on something Phoebe's mum used to say, Crying in the Club encourages change and new growth and, yes, dancing. 

Aitch feat. Ed Sheeran - My G

Teaming up with the reigning king of collaborations Ed Sheeran, Aitch delivers a touching track about sibling love. Blending heartfelt bars with Ed's tender vocal, Aitch's ode to his little sister is personal, moving and melodic. 

Stefflon Don feat. Spice - Clockwork

Ticking along like, well, a clock, Clockwork sees Stefflon Don teaming up with Spice in a celebration of her Jamaican heritage. Stefflon Don has called Clockwork 'a song made for Carnival', and it's easy to think of it pouring out of speaker stacks on a hot summer day. 

Courting - Jumper

Courting's self-described 'pop moment', Jumper is a gentle love story about growing up and growing old together. Unlike anything else we've heard from the band's forthcoming album Guitar MusicJumper is more rom than com, a venture into more tender indie rock territory.

Lauran Hibberd feat. Vijj - Hot Boys

 The final single to be released from her debut album Garageband Superstar, Lauran Hibberd's Hot Boys is pretty much about what it says on the tin. Leaning in to her dual influences of Weezer and Katy Perry, on Hot Boys Lauran puts the power squarely in the female character's hands as she ticks off all the places you might find a man on holiday. 

Tayo Sound and Rudimental – Hide and Seek

Alt-pop songwriter Tayo Sound joins forces with Rudimental on Hide and Seek, a catchy track about only seeing the one that you want in your sleep. Laced with longing, Hide and Seek blends acoustic guitars with a deep drum beat to form a backdrop for Tayo's mellow vocal. 

Circa Waves – Hell on Earth

 Making a surprise return with their first new work since 2020, Circa Waves kick off a new era with Hell on Earth. The track takes aim at the deteriorating conditions of life on Earth and points out that if you died and went to hell things might not be all that different. A rousing and energetic return. 

Greentea Peng - Look To Him

Greentea Peng examines the creative process and meditates on inspiration in Look to Him. Laidback and hazy, the track extols the virtues of pursuing originality, while paying homage to the higher power that Greentea Peng believes in. 

Bastille - Revolution

Flying in the face of SEO principles while living up to the heritage of their own name, Bastille are starting a Revolution. Taken from their upcoming expanded album Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past, Revolution blends dystopian imagery with a club-ready electro beat. 

Joshua Idehen - Don’t You Give Up On Me (Jordan Stephens / Lazy Habits remix)

Blending electronica, jazz and soul, Joshua Idehen's original incarnation of Don't You Give Up On Me was playfully poetic. This new version, featuring contributions from Jordan Stephens of Rizzle Kicks and James Collins of Lazy Habits, replaces playfulness with poignancy, adding a gritty edge but maintaining the original message of healing. 

Melin Melyn - Hold the Line

Taking a topical trip into the cost of living crisis, Melin Melyn relate the story of waiting on a call from their energy provider in Hold the Line. A glimpse into their upcoming second EP Happy Gathering, Melin Melyn's latest is a jaunty bit of indie-pop with a sunny melody that turns on a light in these dark times.

Giggs and Chief Diin - Top Boss

 Giggs teams up with Barbados-based rapper Chief Diin on Top Boss. It's a club ready track that sees Giggs jump in with a tight verse about Barbados and life on the streets, sitting right at home alongside Chief Diin's unique style. 

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