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Friday Fresh: The week's biggest tracks

Take a look at what we've been listening to over the past seven days with this week's edition of Friday Fresh.

Liam Konemann
  • By Liam Konemann
  • 15 Jul 2022
  • min read

The running theme for Friday Fresh this week seems to be self-assurance. Filled with songs about knowing your worth and protecting your energy, this week's playlist is stacked with big pop bops and festival anthems as well as a long-awaited comeback or two. 

The Big Moon - Wide Eyes

The first single to be taken from The Big Moon's fourth album Here Is Everything, the open-hearted Wide Eyes is all about reconnection and rejuvenation. An emotional summer anthem, this one is sure to go off at festivals across the country this year.  

Sam Fender - Alright

Just in time for his massive show at Finsbury Park, Sam Fender has shared a new-old song in Alright. One of the first tracks written for his second album Seventeen Going Under, the single hasn't seen the light until now  but maybe that's the right sort of timing for a track about growing up, cheating death and carrying on. Catchy and heartfelt, just as the best of Sam always is. 

Nina Nesbitt - No Time (For My Life to Suck)

Nina Nesbitt knows what she deserves. On No Time (For My Life to Suck) she rejects bad men, bad friends and bad vibes in exchange for sneakers, clear skin and self worth. A confidence-affirming message wrapped up in a pop package. 

Tom Grennan – All These Nights

 Another festival anthem has come our way with All These Nights. A mood booster with a massive chorus, All These Nights is all about gratitude for the people that you love, good times and good energy. 

Ellie Goulding feat. Big Sean - Easy Lover

Dropping her first single since 2020, Ellie Goulding has teamed up with Big Sean on a pulsing pop bop. Easy Lover reckons with the near-universal experience of falling love with someone cool and beautiful, knowing they'll never reciprocate. A catchy, captivating return. 

ayrtn - THE GLO'

Inspired by the breakdown of a failed relationship, ayrtn's new single is all about reclaiming self-assurance. Inspired by West Coast hip-hop and G-Funk, THE GLO' brings classic sounds into the modern day in a hazy, heatwave blend. Here's the sun coming out from behind the clouds. 

Joesef - East End Coast

A little more delicate than some of his recent singles, Joesef's latest track longs for home. A moving reflection on Joesef's hometown and the unconditional love he feels for Glasgow, East End Coast revolves around a deeply emotional core. It explores the security of familiar places and people who know you best, delivered with a tender, touching vocal. 

Young Fathers – Geronimo

Making their return after four whole years away, Young Fathers have once again stepped up to the plate with Geronimo. An exploration of life's many contrasts, the track is a classically rich and textured offering from a band with a unique vision. You can practically hear the life rushing in on this more than welcome return. 

ABISHA - Stick Around

With the release of her second EP Everything Falls Into Place today, ABISHA is in a good place. Like recent single Say Wherever, Stick Around is saturated with joyful melodies and lyrics about a love that works. Soulful and sunny, Stick Around is another standout song from a great pop voice. 

ABSOLUTE. – Stuck In Love

ASBOLUTE. is getting candid on Stuck In Love. An alt-pop bop with traces of Detroit electro, Stuck in Love is, as you might expect, a song about the realities of romance. It's also a foray into full original vocals for ABSOLUTE., making it the first step in a brand new chapter for the DJ and producer. 

ELIZA - Everywhere I’ll Ever Be

A hypnotically mellow offering with a psychedelic slant, ELIZA's Everywhere I'll Ever Be struts along atop a slinking bassline. Showcasing the deftness of ELIZA's vocals, Everywhere I'll Ever Be seeks out truth and carries a sense of spiritual self-possession. 

Sorry - Let the Lights On

A bouncing indie song for the club night, Sorry are keen for people to keep the candle burning with Let the Lights On. Taken from the band's upcoming second album Anywhere But HereLet the Lights On deals with the fine line between honesty making things better and completely ruining it all, while also imploring the listener to be themselves. 

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