Friday Fresh : The Week's Biggest New Tracks

Take a look at what we've been listening to over the past seven days with this week's edition of Friday Fresh.

Jamie MacMillan
  • By Jamie MacMillan
  • 22 Apr 2022
  • min read

After a week of enjoying the sunshine (and eating far too much chocolate), it's time to check out some of the biggest new tracks!

Sorry - There’s So Many People That Want To Be Loved

Your favourite indie band’s favourite indie band, Sorry have returned with this delight of a single. Described by Asha Lorenz as ‘a bit of a sad-funny love song,’ it is an exciting glimpse into a promised fuller release later this year. 

PinkPantheress feat. WILLOW - Where You Are

PinkPantheress, WILLOW, a Paramore sample, co-produced by Skrillex and Mura Masa and a heady mix of chill and tight drum machine beats, Where You Are sounds just as good as you imagine. PinkPantheress looks like she can do no wrong at the moment.

Easy Life - BEESWAX 

The first piece of new music from Easy Life since last year’s debut album Life’s A Beach, BEESWAX plays around with their established sound as it explores themes of nosiness and a universal feeling of post-lockdown social anxiety.

George Ezra - Green Green Grass

The second taste from his forthcoming summer record, Green Green Grass is your quintessential feel-good George Ezra festival anthem ready-made for those balmy nights. All about making the most of life even when times are tough, it’s just what’s needed.

Florence + The Machine - Free

Heightening the anticipation for their fifth album, Free is another sure sign that Dance Fever is perfectly apt as an album title. Urgent and insistent, Free perfectly captures the ecstasy and euphoria of the freedom to dance in clubs. Get those dancing shoes dusted off.

SOFT LAD - Eyeroll 

Fresh from her London headline show, SOFT LAD’s debut EP MAXIMUM FEELS is released today and it’s a gem. This focus track can’t help but take bits from Sophie Galpin's other musical work, but it is fused into something deliciously 100 percent her. This feels like a whole new exciting road for her to travel.


Taken from today’s album release THE POWER IN US, this track highlights one of the key themes of Poppy Ajudha’s debut record. As she described recently, ‘Women don’t have to just be what they’re taught to be, there is so much more to us than Mothers, Sisters, Daughters.’ Glorious.

Sinead O’Brien - There Are Good Times Coming

Tethered to another dazzling and iconic video, There Are Good Times Coming sees Sinead O’Brien move on even further. Capturing a sound that’s almost impossible to define or describe, with each release more and more genres and styles are becoming fused with her restless vocal spirit.

Rachel Sermanni - Aquarium Kisses 

A gorgeous song about a bizarre real-life dream, Aquarium Kisses sees Scottish singer-songwriter Rachel Sermanni return bringing with her a sense of joy and spark in her footsteps ⁠— a far cry from the dark and brooding sounds of her previous EP.

Fe Salomon - All Or Nothing 

A cinematic alt-pop diamond from Fe Salomon here, All Or Nothing is a song ‘about a shared journey coming to an end, friendships that were often toxic yet comforting and familiar.’ Enigmatic and enticing, this is a great start to a new chapter.

Tom A. Smith - Could I Live With Being Fake 

Sunderland’s Tom A. Smith is on one hell of a roll with his early singles, and this is no exception. Even Sir Elton John has proclaimed him a future star, so who are we to argue? Another bright and breezy indie banger.

Rosie Carney - break the ground 

You could certainly pick worse records than Folklore as an inspiration, and you can feel that same delicate air of indie folk running through this new one from Rosie Carney. A song about being in denial when things are falling apart, this feels like everything coming together instead.

Robocobra Quartet - Wellness 

With the announcement of a new album, Belfast's Robocobra Quartet have released this lead single. Wellness merges about six different genres into one thrillingly chaotic track as drummer-vocalist Chris W Ryan reads the daily routines of influencers out loud.

Hot Chip - Down

Hot Chip are back! Announcing their first album since 2019, though in the interim the various members of the band have appeared on numerous projects. Full of funk, Down is a glorious return to the dancefloor, for them and for us.

Baby Queen - Colours Of You 

Featured on the teaser trailer for new Netflix series ‘Heartstopper’, Colours Of You is described by Bella Latham as ‘a beautiful journey through the discovery and acceptance of the lead character’s sexuality.’ It’s very, very different to what you will have heard from Baby Queen before, showing a completely new side to the exciting artist.

Mac Wetha - Dani Song 

Nine8 Collective member Mac Wetha’s latest is a blinding mix of all of his disparate influences and work ⁠— a thrilling mash-up of glitchy electronic with pop punk and emo, a song about ‘leaning on your partner so hard that you lose your own footing.’

Aitch - Daily Duppy Pt 1 

One of the UK’s leading rappers, Aitch returns to his roots with this ice-cold follow-up to the iconic debut Daily Duppy. With his flow lying easily over a drill/trap beat, this is a super exciting response to what made his name in the first.

LIFE - Almost Home 

The third track to be taken from their latest album, Almost Home drips with longing for the sense of belonging that home brings, full of hooks and a nagging guitar line. Deliberately side-stepping any easy paths on this record so far, that can only bode well for the Hull band.

Pit Pony - Supermarket 

Intense and led by a gripping krautrock beat, Supermarket is a dazzling ride through the gears for Tyneside’s Pit Pony and one that makes for a perfect entry point to their debut album.

Moreish Idols - Speedboat 

The latest addition to the Speedy Wunderground stable, Moreish Idols have announced themselves to this world with a ripping and rambunctious single here. Moreish to the extreme.

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