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Friday Fresh: The week's biggest tracks

Take a look at what we’ve had on repeat across the last seven days with this week’s edition of Friday Fresh.

Jamie MacMillan
  • By Jamie MacMillan
  • 11 Feb 2022
  • min read

Another collection of the freshest new tracks around, in an exciting week for new guitar bands as well as a strong return for two of the  country's biggest acts.

Foals - 2am

Foals have firmly got their dancing shoes back on with one of their most danceable tracks since they first exploded onto the scene. Arriving with an announcement of Life Is Yours, an album that the band promise contains ‘sun-kissed melodies and a zeal for escapism,’ promises to be one of the soundtracks to the summer. Bring it on. 

Everything Everything - Bad Friday 

Returning with a story about being a victim of violence and trying to pass it off as being part of a ‘crazy night out,’ Everything Everything are back with a tantalising first taste of new album Raw Data Feel. Intriguingly, the record promises to be a first of its kind with an A.I. programme creating the basis of the record’s lyrics, song titles and album artwork. The Terminator of cerebral indie dance-pop? We will find out soon. 

L’objectif - Same Thing

Everything about L’objectif feels exciting right now, and this huge slice of dance floor indie fits right in with that. The Leeds teenagers have already had a big endorsement from one Iggy Pop, and it’s no surprise after hearing this. It feels effortlessly cool and is marking them out as something very special indeed. ‘I know you love to get a reaction,’ sings Saul Kane, and that’s just what Same Thing is going to achieve. 

The Goa Express - Everybody In The UK 

Guitar music hasn’t been in this healthy a state for quite some time, and Manchester’s The Goa Express are another act to be leading the charge. This perfect slice of indie has echoes from many of the genre’s titans from the past but is pulled firmly into the modern age with its themes of pulling together in an increasingly divided world. Great stuff. 

Anorak Patch - Cousin Sam 

The subject matter might be bleak (the funeral of a cousin), but the future for this bunch of Essex teenagers is anything but. On a host of Ones to Watch lists already this year, this latest from Anorak Patch is heavy and brooding, building to a stunning and suitably doom-laden crescendo. Lots to get excited about from this latest artist from the Nice Swan Records stable. 

Kokoroko - Something’s Going On

A joyful sound from the London eight-piece collective, Something’s Going On is full of warm West African-inspired rhythms and heavy funk that wouldn’t be out of place on a Parliament record. Based on everything that’s going on in the world today, this is a glorious tune to play loud and immerse yourself in.

Sundara Karma - Oblivion! 

There’s more than a hint of The 1975 in the opening moments of Oblivion! before the track almost veers into pop-punk territory on a song that heralds the return of the Reading band and the forthcoming EP release of the same name. Detailing the aftermath of an intense relationship, this falls at the rockier end of Sundara’s sound and is an exciting step forwards.

Folly Group - I Raise You (The Price Of Your Head) 

A thrilling upgrade on last year’s Awake and Hungry EP, this new single from the east London band is another top notch entry into their post-punk world. Taut and propulsive, it is once again throwing the established genre rules out of the window in search of something new. Now signed to Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour, expect plenty more like this. 

Crows - Room 156 

Inspired by a love of true crime, Room 156 is based on both real-life murder cases from the 19th century and an obsession with an early-20th century faith healer, and is as bruising and brutal as you have come to expect from Crows. Another gripping track from their forthcoming second album. 

Sick Joy feat. Jamie Lenman - Belly Aching Beast 

Long established on their local scene, the Brighton trio have been making huge strides in recent months in turning that into a national noise. Now, teaming up with Jamie Lenman, Belly Aching Beast is a scuzzily high-energy alt.rock track about persevering and overcoming the bad times in life.  
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