TYNI's glittering, intoxicating future-pop and unique shiny style make her a sensational antidote to tired music tropes and bland pop personas.

  • By Alex Rusted
  • 9 Jul 2018
  • min read



Shiny, intoxicating future-pop.


Sheffield, UK.

What’s the story?

Ever since a young age Sheffield’s latest homegrown star TYNI has held a deep fascination for the icons and legends of pop music history. Bowie, Mercury, Madonna – with heroes like this it’s no wonder the 22-year-old singer is something of a head-turner.

Glittering, vibrant and effortlessly cool; she’s an artist that, while authentic and honest in her unusual presentation and sharp songwriting, has a serious degree of pop savvy, writing catchy future-hits and cultivating a masterfully striking image to complement.

Over the last few years she’s been rubbing shoulders with the best in the industry, heading over to LA to work with Wayne Wilkins upon personal invitation (Beyoncé, Lady Gaga,Björk) and receiving remixes from PC Music’s Sophie and Frank Ocean collaborator Troy Noka.

She’s also recently spent time at London’s Abbey Road Studios with Help Musicians UK, recording in Studio Two (home of The Beatles & Pink Floyd, among others) with a host of artists for the Music Minds Matter campaign.

Describing her music as ‘like jumping into my very own Wonderland where each song's a different chapter of my very own fairytale’ TYNI is an artist who wholehearted embraces individuality.

And it’s within that individuality that the allure of TYNI’s sits. She’s an antidote to tired musical tropes, and a remedy for bland stock-photo pop personalities. Flamboyance, artistic intent and unapologetic weirdness are the hallmarks of an artists set to make a serious impact on an unsuspecting public.

What’s next for TYNI? More music and a massive slot of Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival this summer, all guaranteed to be dripping in her trademark outlandish charm.

Sounds like?

Vibrant electronic sounds, syrupy vocals with a sparse, mellow undercurrent. Compelling similarities to the modern wave of Scandi pop.

Predicted to?

Be the next big name in pop music.

Must hear?