Tony Njoku

Tony Njoku

We get to know the electronic soul of producer Tony Njoku – he’s been tipped by Fat Cat Records and is playing the Green Man Festival after winning their new talent competition…

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 20 Jun 2016
  • min read
Who? Tony Njoku.

What? Twentysomething musical genius mixing up glitchy electronica with soul and crunchy rhythmical workouts…

From where? British-Nigerian music producer and songwriter, currently holed up in London.

What’s the story? Tony was originally born in Lagos but now splits his time between London and his studies at Falmouth University.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Radiohead and a thirst for jazz and soul, Tony uses electronic fuzzing and crunches as the skeleton over which he drapes his soul baring songwriting.

It’s all going well for him so far with the track To Escape picked up and released via FatCat Records Demos. Earlier this year he released In Greyscale, a debut album recorded somewhere between Norway, Nigeria and UK full of rhythmical ripples, pianos and electronic drones. He’s now playing the main stage of the Green Man Festival after winning the festival's Rising competition. …

Sounds like? A cross between James Blake and Chilly Gonzales with more sonic tricks up his sleeves…

Predicted to? Be much higher up bills all over next year’s festival season.

Must hear: In Greyscale is a must hear statement of intent.

Photo credit: Gioia Emidi