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Stray Ghost

Stray Ghost is self-taught musician and producer Anthony Saggers, who crafts bucolic minimalism and lo-fi murmurings from classical piano, guitar and strings. Get to know.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 1 Oct 2018
  • min read
Who? Stray Ghost is self-taught musician and producer Anthony Saggers.

What? Bucolic minimalism and lo-fi murmurings.

From where? Originally from Oxfordshire, now based in Brighton.

What’s the story? Stray Ghost is a half-imagined spectre of sound which floats somewhere between neo-classical experimentalism and pastoral ambience.

With no formal training, Anthony builds his elegant ruminations on life by feeling his way around piano, guitar and strings.

Over the last few years, his sound palette has shifted across various releases for grassroots labels such as Hidden Shoal, Highpoint Lowlife, Time Released Sound and 1631 Recordings.

With influences spanning Scott Walker, Lee Hazlewood, Nick Cave, Bernard Hermann and The Beach Boys, as well as neo-classical artists like Dustin O’ Halloran, his palette is as broad as it is deep.

Anthony’s latest offering, A Shade Under 30, sees him settle on the piano to translate a vision of the world at a pivotal moment, with European disintegration, climate change and life in the digital age front and centre.

Often elegiac, always contemplative, the album echoes the same glacial depth and introspection as the Erased Tapes back catalogue, as Anthony delves deep to find intimate resonance with the barest of instrumentation.

A Shade Under 30 will land via Phases Records in late November, while taster track Sonder was aired just a couple of weeks back. Tune in below for the ultimate headphones moment...

Sounds like? The first delicate frosts of winter.

Must hear? Sonder