Mysterious DJ and producer SOPHIE released one of the best underground club hits of 2013 with Bipp/Elle via Numbers. Check him and his maximal music at SXSW 2014.

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 10 Mar 2014
  • min read
An air of mystery in our internet age is often hard to keep up.

Props then are owed to electronic DJ and producer SOPHIE. Despite releasing one of 2013’s biggest (and possibly weirdest) club smashes in the form of Bipp/Elle, there’s very little biographical details available on this elusive artist. We know he’s a chap, we think he’s called Sam, according to a brief Radio 1 interview with dubstep champ, turned disco/house hooligan, Skream. Other than that, SOPHIE has let his music and DJ sets do the talking.

The first SOPHIE record, Nothing More to Say/Eeehhh, came out on the Huntley and Palmers imprint early in 2013. It’s saccharine sweet, full of grunts, crunches and female swooning over the kind of big room electronic house steamroller it’s almost impossible to avoid.

Bipp is a different kind of animal entirely, although no less breathtaking. Wound up tight around a pitched up vocal crooning ‘I can make you feel better, if you let me’ it lands somewhere between trap, dubstep and the most maximal kind of club music your mind has ever heard. It sounds like nothing else out there at the minute and ensured that SOPHIE’s name adorned 2013 end of year polls from the Guardian through to Dazed and Confused and everywhere else inbetween.

On the back of this, SOPHIE has continued to bide his time, DJing and performing at selected venues and refusing to give anything away. If you’re at this year’s SXSW you’ll be able to catch him, courtesy of the PRS for Music Foundation’s International Showcase Award. If not, then try and check him DJing in the UK or wait for the next release. SOPHIE is dealing in 23rd century music plucked straight from the future, making him of the one most exciting producers out there...