Sad City

Gary Caruth, aka Sad City, creates featherweight electronica with ambient leanings. Like Brian Eno jamming with Boards of Canada, his music strikes the perfect balance between warmth and weirdness.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 24 Nov 2014
  • min read
Who? Gary Caruth, aka Sad City.

What? Dreamy, featherweight electronica with ambient leanings.

From where? Glasgow by way of Bangor.

What’s the story? Electronic producer Gary Caruth stands testament to the diversity of Glasgow’s rich musical gene pool. Having journeyed from Northern Ireland to settle in Scotland’s capital of cool, he’s found a natural home for his ultra-light touch and reverb-drenched meanderings.

His two major releases to date – both on Phonica Records - have been part electronic essay, part audio postcard, which hint at sunnier climes and idyllic vistas. His latest offering, the Introduction to Lisboa EP, is a glowing snapshot of Portugal’s laidback capital, with field recordings and snatched melodies forming the bedrock.

A philosophy graduate, Gary’s trademark widescreen electronics veer from melancholic to ecstatic, with a depth akin to his chosen line of study.

And, although he’s not prolific, having produced only two EPs in three years, his slow-burning sound and measured approach leaves you longing for more with every release.

Sounds like? Pastoral electronica which blends Brian Eno’s experimental side with the woozy ambience of Boards of Canada and the gentle house of Matthew Herbert’s lighter moments.

Predicted to? Get drawn into creating soundtracks for Nordic noirs.

Must hear? The twinkly goodness of Apricot or the woozy ambience of Baixa Saxophone.