Post Louis

Post Louis are a London duo whose sound gazes across the Atlantic for its inspiration. Debut EP This Could Be A Bridge contains rough hewn, off kilter guitar pop heavily reminiscent of great alternative American acts Pavement and Sebadoh. The music, held together by former Cajun Dance Party guitarist Robbie Sternon, teeters around singer Stephanie Davin’s vocal before collapsing into a glorious heap of feedback and subtle electronica. This first release is out on 12 November...

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 28 Oct 2013
  • min read
Post Louis are London duo Robbie Stern, formerly of the much hyped Cajun Dance Party, and singer Stephanie Davin.

While the pair met in the UK capital, their music looks for its inspiration in the distortion and frayed denim of great American alt-pop. Think the likes of the Pixies, Pavement and more recently Yuck and you’re getting close to the rough and ready, hook heavy sounds they produce.

Debut EP This Could Be a Bridge is a good way into the pair’s songwriting skills. The fuzzy sounds of the title track teeters around Stephanie’s vocals before collapsing into a gloriously chaotic heap. Their mix of feedback and deft electronic touches has already caught the ears of Pitchfork, Dummy and Rolling Stone. It says a lot for the expectation surrounding this relatively newly formed band.

Post Louis are currently upping their workload as they gear up to release This Could Be A Bridge on 12 November via Inflated/Stare Records. The duo have expanded to a six piece for their live shows and are currently on tour supporting New York act Porcelain Raft. Check the title track from their new EP below…