Michael Clark

Michael Clark

Falmouth talent Michael Clark is a singer-songwriter whose folk sound is a masterclass in the power of simplicity. Inspired by the acoustics of Nick Drake, his debut EP lands next year and promises to be special...

  • By Lucy Doyle
  • 26 Nov 2018
  • min read
Who? Michael Clark.

What? Beautifully crafted folk.

From where? Falmouth.

What’s the story? Fresh from honing his craft on the Falmouth arts scene, emerging talent Michael Clark is a singer-songwriter whose folk output is a masterclass in the power of simplicity. The son of the late Gavin Clark - a cult musician known for his work with the likes of Sunhouse, Clayhill, and Unkle as well as Shane Meadows soundtracks - Michael grew up in a household full of instruments and inspirations which set the tone for his musical path.

Inspired by albums like Nick Drake's Pink Moon, his sparse guitar and vocal soundscapes have quickly come to the attention of music community and marketplace Funnel Music, who release his debut EP in January next year. Titled Something To Be Won, the four-track EP is a collection of poignant, provoking songs built on rich imagery. 'I use imagery to create a certain mood' Michael says of his work. 'No songs have specific meanings, it's supposed to be more of an interpretation for the listener.'

While not much else is known about him at this stage, one thing is for certain: this is beautiful, transcendent folk at its best. Catch him live in London and Bath this December and thank us later...

Sounds like? Poignant folk with hints of Mogwai-esque atmospherics.

Predicted to? Mesmerise you.

Must hear? End Is Near -


04 December - The Betsey Trotwood, London
07 December - St James’s Wine Vaults w/ John Bramwell, Bath